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Once you get these 100 core words right, try using them in short, basic structures.

After you’re familiar with these 1,000ish words, you can actually start learning whatever you like.

So seeing how this is a large, daunting task, where should you start? A lot of specialists assumed that each language uses a base vocabulary of very few words that can get you going through a conversation (a basic one of course).
. These include greetings, goodbyes, emotions, common verbs (to have, to make, to be, to love, etc) and common nouns (people, place, time, etc).

Lastly, you can use the phonebook method. Try learning in small chunks, of 20 words at a time. These 1,000 words can get you a long long way when it comes to learning specific parts of the language. Then along the learning process, as you obtain information about genders, plurals, tenses and cases, write them up on the “foreign” side. These include mostly nouns (fruits, vegetables, animals, tools, etc), adjectives (colors, qualities) and more common verbs. You can get orthography, spelling, pronunciation and grammar right after a few weeks of practice, but your vocabulary will take months, if not years to fully expand to a point where you can say that you talk fluently in that particular foreign language. I know it’s a more time consuming method of memorizing words, but it’s also been proven as one of the best out there. You can either learn these by hard as a start-up measure, or try to learn them naturally, by listening to basic conversations or reading translations. Just cut up some 3x5 cardboard rectangles, write the word you’re trying to learn on one side and the English word on the other (or, instead of English, write the word in your native language).Building up the vocabulary of the language you’re trying to learn is probably the most time consuming part of the entire process. You can try an audio tape that covers them, or a free language lesson online, whichever suits you best. Read each foreign word down the column, repeat it (loudly, not just in your mind - it helps if you see how your brain handles pronunciation in relation to the written word) and move on to the next. This way, by attributing an image to a word, the brain will have an easier time remembering the word since our brain is more used to storing images rather than simply strings of characters. This technique is as effective as it is ancient and it involves picturing a room you’re very familiar with (your own room, your classroom, living room and so forth) and associate images to the words you’re learning, to objects in the room. Your first step is learning the base 100 words, the core of any conversation, custom tent regardless of the language. Simply write down all those base words you’re trying to learn on a sheet of paper and in a parallel column, write down their translation in English or your mother tongue. Then move on to the next step: the auxiliary base words, that form around 70% of a normal conversation. But one has to ask, how exactly are you going to learn all those words and memorize them to a point where you won’t need a translation list for them.

Flashcards are also a great method of improving vocabulary and if you can make them yourself, instead of buying them, they’re even more efficient. The good thing is that if you already mastered the base 100 words of that language, you can now use the auxiliary ones in structures and sentences.

Well for starters, you could try the Roman Room method. Most languages use around 1,000 auxiliary words, besides the 100 core ones, to express normal chit chat. If you try learning 100 words at once, by the time you reach the middle point in the list, you will have already forgotten the first ones because your brain is not used to acquiring so much information in a single slurp. For example, if you’re learning how to say “ball” in Dutch, repeat the Dutch word and picture a ball on your living room’s sofa.

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Make a list of 10 words that have to do with your business, then scramble up the letters of each word. Online parties are most popular in the WAHM (Work At Home Mom) circles of the internet, however there are other places to find online parties to sell your products as well. You get the full time slot to say whatever you would like to about your business, your products, and anything else you would like to tell them.

Prizes given away at online parties are usually only small prizes, around $5 or $10 value. During the party, which usually lasts all day, other vendors who have signed up for spots, as well as people they have invited will generally be in the chat room as well. You will need a piece of paper and pen to keep track of scores. The person with the most points after you give the entire ten words wins the prize! You can also do a trivia game, and ask people trivia questions about your products after giving them the URL to your website, such as: “How much is a single votive candle?” The first person to answer correctly would then get a point, and the person with the most points at the end of the game would win.An online party is also known as a vendor fair or online expo. Again, be sure to confirm what is expected at the party before signing up.

At the end of the party, about 5 minutes before your time slot is up, you will want to ask again if anyone has any questions, then thank everyone for listening and being at your presentation, and let them know how to contact you if they decide to place an order later.

It is important that if you do sign up for an online party, that you promote your time slot to customers, and other people on Yahoo Groups, message boards, and newsletters. There are many different types of “games” you can play, but I will go over a couple of the most common used to give you an idea of how they are done. Some online party groups are better than others though, so do your research before committing to purchasing a time slot. Each online party is different, so you will need to ask or read about the requirements for any games before you sign up. Start by introducing yourself to whoever else is in the chat room, give a little information about your company, and be sure to include a link to the website address of your company.
. foldable gazebo Tell them why they would enjoy your products and what makes your products special.

At an online party, you pay for a time slot (usually either a half hour or a full hour) to advertise to the other party visitors. Let the others know about specials, discounts, coupons, or products you especially like. The more people you can get to come to your party, the better!

Once you have signed up, and paid for your time slot, you simply need to show up at that particular time and give a presentation on your company that you signed up to represent.

All in all, online parties are easy to do, relatively cheap to sign up for, and a good way to show off your business to others. Simply enter the chat room, and watch how others do it! You can generally get a good feel for the results you would get by watching that chat room and seeing how many people show up, what the participation is like, and what the general “feel” is like. Give out each scrambled word (one at a time), and the first person to enter the correct unscrambled answer gets a point. Online parties can be very beneficial to your business whether you have a business of your own, or if you are in direct sales (selling for another company, such as Avon, Watkins, etc. Remember that this is an interactive chat room, so you may be asked questions about your company or your products. Announce to the chat room what the game is, how it is played, the rules, and of course, the prize. Then go into a little further detail. In fact, you should encourage people to ask questions if they have them, as the more people are involved, the more likely they are to buy from you!

At some online parties, you may be expected to play an online game to give away a prize. The best way to see what a particular party site is like is to visit the presentations of others on that site. Online parties are held in chat rooms, usually either php-based (which means any browser can use it), or Java based (which means you need to have the ability to run Java applets on your computer). If you are expected to run an online game, it is very easy to do, and will help people to get more involved. One of the most common types of online party games is the word scramble.